I messed up with my girlfriend. Can I get her back?

I was with a amazing girl who is the first person I have ever seen a future with starting from new year I started withdrawing into my self and started thinking that she was to go for me and that she was going to leave me (I always get depressed at the start off the year and at the time I couldn't figure out why. But I've been seeing a councillor and I know now) so because I was being distant she started to pull away from me. Then one night we were both drunk and we had a big row so I dropped all off her stuff that was at mine on her doorstep because I wasn't thinking straight sand thought she was just using me. I Have tried to apologise a lot since but she says she doesn't think she will be able to get over what happened. I hate myself for what has happened and acting like that is totally out of character for me. Is there anything I can do?


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  • 1) Tell her what really happened
    2) Don't apologize too much (might seem fake)
    3) Be more open to her so that she can anticipate and understand any similar happenings in the future

    • I have told her what happend now and all she said was that she doesn't know what to do and that she needs some time on her own

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