Should you simply not date anyone if you still got feeling for a ex?

i was told its best to not wait for a ex even if you still got strong feeling for them. date around see what out there and grow as a person accepted things and keep punishing. it took me about a year to date agin got cheated on that was my rebound now almost 2 n half years later am with a girl who really really great but guest what? my ex still effects me till this day so should i just not date becuase of this? I don't know if i even love my ex anymore it just still bugs me left over business i guest. but i known i can not wait on her to come back or anyone to come back in my life. that maybe the best thing to do is to keep dating the person am with now that makes me happy till i known she not for me.


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  • I have done this before twice both new relationships didn't work out. I think as long as there is no chance that you will leave the new person if your ex was to ask you back then it's fine, but if you think you would then it wouldn't be right to start a relationship with someone else.

    • My girlfriend said ssomething kind of like this she said if my feeling are super stong for my ex like when I was with her then its bad but if its not strong then its fine. I honesly don't known if am in love with my ex anymore but I knonw i love her n got feeling for her just not strong feelings like it once was but strong eenough to bug me if I see her or annoy me from time to time. How long did u date both ex for if u dont mind me asking?

    • at least you are being honest with her and not hiding what you are thinking.

      Just think if you're ex were to call you right now and say she wants you back what would you do.

      Both of them for 6 months.

    • I been dating my current girlfriend for 8 months she makes me happy. But I don't know if I would take my ex back even if I was single.. Unless the same problems were not there n if she said the right things then maybe

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  • What are the things that seem like leftover business for you?

    • I don't know tbh we never had a real relationship i realize how parents put to many barriers in our relationship... in fact they are the reason we are no longer dating they ended the relationship. i got a new gfs who fucking perfect not just saying that. my new girlfriend has help me come to terms with a lot and she makes me really happy she having her in my life. but i still feel bad being with her while having such strong feeling for my ex it has gotta better i have learned to deal with it when ever it shows up.

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    • i have spoke to my current girlfriend about this a lot as will since i look being 100% honest with her. she thinks we should keep trying and if i do leave her one day she won't hate me. but i can't pursue my ex girlfriend she dating someone right now but i have bumped into her at her new job she always just stares at me a lot.

    • but yea that's part of the reason why i guest

  • Yeah, it's not fair to the person you're dating. I would feel like shit if the person I was dating still had feelings for someone else.

    • yea i felt the same but spoke to my girlfriend about it and she thinks we shoukd keep dating and its not a good reason to not date people

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    • I been told by most men its normal to have feeling for a ex. As long as it doesn't come a big problem which I have had a chance to ate my ex agin but didn't. Yes my girlfriend was ok with it sowww I said ill give it more time I almost married my ex so may take awhile. Plus a few of my friends still got feeling for a ex

    • But wouldn't date them agin

  • 100% if you're stuck on an ex forcing yourself when you are clearly not ready is not fair to yourself

    • I feel am ready that's why am dating my current girlfriend but hate that I still got feeling for my ex. Which I have been told by most older guys its nornal for man

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    • sounds confusing

    • It really is

  • No, go on a bunch of dates with a bunch of women so you can get past the ex. If you sit on your ass, you'll never get over her.

    • i got a girlfriend not sitting on my ass

    • n good i thought as much

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