Is it weird to still feel heartbroken even if the break up was months ago?


I have an issue. My (now ex-) girlfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago, and I am still not over her. She told me that "we could still be friends", but I see her at school everyday and every day my heart still skips a beat. I am still deeply in love with this girl. I am so confused and so sad as I don't know anymore how to speak to her, and therefore she starts ignoring me and trying to have the conversations as short as possible, usually with just a "Yes", "No", "I don't know", "Okay", etc. answer. I am doing my best and my hardest to be friendly and friends with her, yet I am still so hard in love with this girl, and the conversations aren't helping me any further either because

1. I am a very sensitive person and feel quickly denied or quickly heartbroken
2. I am not a very confident person, at least not in front of her, and therefore I am not a smooth-talker, and I feel like shit as I don't know how to start and maintain a conversation well.

It's just so messed up as I have so many things in my head I want to tell her yet I can't because I am shy or don't want to feel rejected anymore.

When I don't distract myself from her I still think about her all the time and feel heartbroken.

I know this sounds overdramatic but I am really lost because I really do have feelings for her, and I know she doesn't have any feelings anymore towards me.

Is it weird for me to feel this way, even still after a month or 2 after the breakup? And can anyone just tell me how I can feel better or forget about her or get her back? I know it's difficult, but I just don't want to be denied anymore and feel like shit because I have been denied by the girl I have so much feelings for. I'm pretty sure she knows anyways I have feelings for her, as you can read my expressions easily, I've been told.

I'm sorry this post is a mess, I just feel lost and sad and depressed if I can be honest and I need some help or just needed to have this off my chest. Thanks for listening


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  • It's not weird, it's perfectly normal for you to still have feelings for her. Honestly, that's one reason why trying to be friends after a breakup rarely works out. You can't move on when you still constantly see and talk to that person. Typically a clean break helps you move on faster. You need to distance yourself from her and focus on other things right now. Focus on healing yourself, spend time with your friends, focus on your hobbies, anything to keep your mind occupied will help.

    • Thanks. The problem is we are in the same school, even sit next to eachother in the same bus and a lot of my friends are her friends as well and vice-versa, so we do see each other a lot throughout the day.

    • Well that does make it more difficult to completely distance yourself but you can still limit your interactions with her if you want to.

  • It's completely normal. I had "moved on" and dated 2 other guys when I realised I was still absolutely torn up over my ex and that was 8 months after we had broken up. Seeing him often didn't help me either. It's difficult when you do have to see her all of the time. I found taking myself away from situations where I could see him really helped me heal. What helped me a lot was spending as much time as I could with family and friends and keeping myself occupied so that I couldn't think about my ex.


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