How do I get rid of this guy?

I met this guy who is really sweet, but I realized that I don't really like him. He's being super clingy and I've only know him for a week and it seems like he's about propose. I've tried to be nice a break it off slowly, but every time I tell him "I'm not good for you", "I won't have time for you, which isn't fair to you", or flat out saying "It makes me uncomfortable when you keep calling me babe and you're really not understanding that dating isn't my top priority now" his response is i don't care "I'm not giving up on you". All of those excuses are true honestly. I've got too much on my hands for a boyfriend now, especially one who seems like he needs so much attention and moves so fast. I've met all his friends on the second day and he brought them all to meet me. He keeps saying how much of connection he feels between us and it's honestly freaking me out. My friend just blocked him for me because I never got around to it since I don't want to hurt his feelings, but he just ended up finding me on other social media sites. I don't know how to really get rid of him since he also knows what school I go to and where I work, and he's seems like the type of guy to surprise show up somewhere if he can't contact you.


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  • Forget his feelings for just a moment and tell him you are not interested in him. And do not smile when you tell him as he may think you are teasing him. The cold, hard truth will sink into his brain and he will get the message that he is wasting his time.

    Sometimes you have to be brutally cruel with honesty to get people to understand.

  • a guy like that won't stop till you show him the harsh reality if you not being interested in him. have a freind help you a guy friend and tell him that you need home to act serious with you so the guy can see your really not interested in him.

    if the guy is your age he will get over it and move on there are more girls for him to try for. it only hurts once the rest is just after effects that go away with time. so no need to feel guilty about hurting his heart.

    he will be fine though he will act like a big baby like some guys do when a girl rejects them. it happens and so does life dont let it bother you at all.

  • Just do the 'Bitchy Girl' thing, and tell him he is a loser, and so far below your class that he makes you laugh!!
    Not the first time someone has done, or said that. Get comfortable with it, as you will probably do it several times in your life.


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