Are they doing this on purpose?

i broke up with my ex a while back, and ever since, our mutual friends won't stop talking about him. when i sat next to them at lunch, they'll always talk about what he's up to or something cool that he did. i left that table and sit with others but now, he's with another girl and one of our mutual friends keep posting pictures of them together on snapchat where i can see it. it bothers me and i feel like she does it on purpose as she never took pictures of when him and i were together. She also has asked me twice if i'm upset about them being together whenever she saw me upset about something else. i want to unfriend her on snapchat, but i feel like it'd be too obvious and that she'd notice and take it personally or say something. what should i do?


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  • your friends shouldn't be dating your Exs... it's a no-go area. If you don't want them to be together, then tell her.


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