Do girl ever forgive guy or realize they still have feelings for guy years later after breaking up with them?

Is there a chance that they would give the guy another chance dating them?


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  • forgiving them is different than giving them another chance.. most times she will likely say or act as if she's forgiven you, but likely bring it up during heated conversation - smh

    • So she might give me another chance even if she hasn't forgave me?

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    • lmfao not at you or her, just how u said it. that's so typical of a female to take it personally. please tell me u didn't confess to her that u wasn't attracted to her right? u should've said u don't like to have sex in a car that it isn't your thing. smh

    • That what I tried to tell her and I told her I'm still attracted to her the last time I talked to her a couple of months ago.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Some do forgive and some don't. It depends on the girl.

    • I hope she's forgiving type. Maybe it will take a lot of time to get over this.

    • Yes it will take time to get over. Time will tell what happens.

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  • Depends on why you broke up. to me i would if the guy matured. But if its because of cheating then heck to the no

    • Because I couldn't get it up while she wanted to have sex in a car. She say she didn't think I was sexually into her.

    • Oh seriously? I mean im sure you showed that you are into her in other ways. This happens to all guys and Girls know better than to break it off over that because they understand its normal. Maybe she doesn't get that or maybe she didn't feel appreciated enough when you guys were dating? I dont know but this is my opinion hope it helps and good luck :)

    • I don't think she realizes this happens often and she took it as I wasn't sexually into her. She said she needed more then making out with me ever time she seen me and that she was embarrassed and fusterated. That why it hard for her to have small talk with me. Now she won't talk to me anymore.

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  • I think that it depends on what caused the breakup and the girl. Some are probably willing to give things a second go while others might just move on.


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