I can't find no answer, every day and nite I sit down and think? I need a gud advice so dat I can knw what to do nxt with my life?

i got 2 kids with my husband, we got 2 years living together. put he likes de ask every single lady for there numba and de tx dem and call dem? e like de tel dem luv tings, poems and more? e hides so dat i dnt notice, put i always find out. e likes keep a secret e facebook e keeps in contact with dem. he no dates none a dem girls, e jus tx, chat and calls. he has done it 3 times and im tired of him? he says he no loves dem dat he loves me and de kids. is it called cheating? do i end dis relationship? what i do? and what i tink bout him?


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  • 1) Leave him. 2) Please go back to school.


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  • Not to be rude but that was super hard to read! Grammar is sexy... if ur not getting what u deserve, move on! I'm assuming it's not all happiness around the kids and u need to ask yourself if would want that type of relationship for them? If he's not acting right after 2 years he def won't be acting right in 10! Again Move on!


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