Give at least 5 reasons why you would not tell someone you LIKED them, even if you really do?

:) Now give 5 reasons you would not want to date someone that you REALLY like?


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  • 1) They are my best friend

    2) I am deathily afraid of being rejected

    3) My friend likes them and I gave my word that I wasn't interested

    4) It only "seems" like I really like them, but I only really like them as a friend.

    5) While I may really like them, they may not be putting in enough effort for a relationship.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • :) Thank you, very much.

      1 Why do you think relationships ruin friends, I've been in love but refused relationship- so I do not know. I know I would have to be friends to be in a R/ tho :)

      2 Would You REALLY let that stop you? isn't it better to ry & give it a chance, only one life like this one, & only one person like them..? :)

      3 :) I understand - I've done this - prematurely actually sigh...

      How would you know, unless you try- how do you determine if its REAL or just SEEMS?

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    • Just take it slow... Baby steps. Don't get ahead of yourself ;)

    • Aww that is like , there is a tornado & I' supposed to walk slowly home...

      it took us a long while to talk again, & I might be going away soon so this might be the last time I get to spend with him & I do not want to remember it as awkward crazy & paranoid..

      my weakness :).. memory is important tome, sometimes more than the present I think ;)

      welll how am I getting ahead of myself.. I mean I'm ok with everything but it is hard to be, when one person is not.. how do I handle his anxiety?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe I'm weird but I would always tell the girl. Even if there's no point in doing it.

    • I love you're type lol

      i would tell as well :)

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    • What if they sort of like you, & given some time without the stress of knowing that you like them, they could realize their feelings for you...?

      that is my ONLY concern :)

      i really do not case about rejection or whatever itself

      it is ruining the possibility for something else, maybe would develop if they had more time

      i know that my feelings for someone can grow & if they raise it at the wrong time, & I do not have the chance to see it :)

    • Well I guess I never really thought about that since I've never dated or had someone like me back. It's a good point thought to not spring that on them and give them time.

What Girls Said 2

  • Uhm.

    1. Shy.

    2. Fear of rejection

    3. Not in the same circle of friends.

    4. Doubt, negativity on the subject (Example: I like him but I doubt we'll work out/ he probably likes someone else, etc.)

    5. If we're already good friends, what if this dramatically changes things and closes some doors.

    I've never had this problem, I've never had an actual crush on someone, but these would probably be the reasons.

  • I'm not a guy but here is what I think

    1.) too shy

    2.) they are already involved

    3.) they are unsure about their feelings/your feelings

    4.) fear of rejection

    5.) place of work, etc.

    • :) Its for EVERYONE

      1 how do you know if ur too shy?

      2 obvious - good 4 You lol

      3 yes I understand, but how can anyone know unless they give it a try..? I wonder if more girls are gong to post this, I think us give the appearance more about not being sure, because it is cooler to appear aloof- at least in my experience with the :)

      4 Only have a chance with this same person at this same time once, & fear is always there 4 something- leave it for something else lol

      5 Understandable :)


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