I feel like I shouldn't ask her out?

OK I have liked this girl for a long time and she likes me or at least used to. I missed my shot and it seems now almost 3 months later that I have another chance. she invited me to go to this party. but I have no idea how to act in front of her now we hadn't really talked in a while with the exception of testing like twice a week. I feel like I shouldn't just ask her out but I don't want to just act like a friend so I need a complete rundown of how I should behave what to wear etc.


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  • Aweh, story of my life. It happened just like that to me, only I liked a guy. ^^

    But nothing ever happened because I thought it would just continue on with the cute actions and glances. But no, he got bored of it and fell for another girl.

    So I recommend you not to do what I did. I know how it feels, you don't know if you should ask her out or not because it could ruin the whole thing, or just continue on like this.

    So If I were you and had another chance, I would go to the party. What kind of party is it? Because that would pretty much get you an idea what to wear. Is she single? When your at the party, maybe it's your chance to get to know her more, see if she is really worth it. And hang out with her, not to much to scare her (if she doesn't like you) but yeah, show your interested in her. And if she shows you any interest back, then go for it. Maybe at the end, if she is still with you, then ask her if you can do this again, or maybe just ask her out. Lol, I suck at advice but if I had a second chance, I'd probably do that. :)

    • Its a cook out and she has never had a boyfriend before so I know she is single

    • Oh well then I guess you don't really have to wear anything fancy.. ;P

      and uh that's great but if she doesn't like anyone else then yeah, go for it.

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  • I think this has happened to most people. Including me, but I never got another chance. I say take the chance, don't think about what might happen. If you do, you're never going to ask her out. Don't try to impress her, or you'll scare her away. Try to talk about common interest, and once you have her full attention, ask her out casually. If she says no, accept it coolly. Just try again if she ever shows interest again.


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  • I can tell you this try to catch up on past events ask her hey how have you been its been like 3 months since we really talked. don't act nervous act chill but also act interested keep eye contact when talking hang out with her stay close to her but don't make it look like you are stalking her act like yourself just make conversation with her and get to know her better and say somethings like we should talk more or hang out more. ask her if she'd like to have lunch sometime as friends. say you look beautiful , I like what you are wearing , and if you are nervous break the tension by asking her out because it will relieve what ever nervousness you have inside a chear you up and if you do ask her out then ask for her phone number after. hey Good Luck dude!

    • And when your away from her, don't act like a lost puppy. I've seen some of my friends do that and it just looks sad... She'll think your clingy, so like this guy said, don't stalk her.

    • Well I know how mingle at a party and I am always the guy meeting other people but this would be differnt considering that at most parties I'm looking for girls

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