What is he trying to do?

We got into an argument last week and I told him I was through with him because he lied to me about something SO stupid when he could've just told me the truth. So, I haven't talked to him for a week and tonight he texted me on Instagram and asked me out to the movies. When I didn't open the message and reply, I noticed that he "unsent" the message? :/ I posted that I was going out with friends tonight and I know he saw it because he looks on my social media so I don't know why he would ask me to go out to the movies with him if I saw that I was going out tonight. I'm not gonna lie, I miss him a lot, but I'm not letting him off easy this time. I'm going to teach him a lesson. He can't just slide into my like he didn't do anything wrong. We need to have a serious talk and then maybe we can work things out. Do you think he's trying to make things right?


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  • You both should quit playing games and talk this issue out - like adults.


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