We argue. She says she's sleeping on the couch. I tell her dont go. It's 2am I goto get up 5 for work. She leaves I goto sleep. What do you think?

Now she upset I didn't come for her. I'm like I told you not to leave. Also mind you this is weekly occorrence


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  • Well she's dramatic. It happens weekly? That's way too much in my opinion.

    • Very dramatic. With everything. It's just too often

    • I'd say break up with her, but you could have a serious talk before that. Tell her if this makes you unhappy

  • It's too dramatic. Why is it happening weekly?

    When you get to our age (I'm assuming she's in the same bracket as you) it's just too late to keep playing those games. You either put the argument on hold, get some sleep and try to talk calmly and rationally the next day to resolve it or sit down like mature adults and talk it out. Not leave and then get mad when one of you doesn't follow.

    You shouldn't be arguing that much, but it should either be resolved or agreed to put on hold before stopping for the night.
    TBH if I was you I would have done the same thing if it happened weekly.

    • I'm 29 , she is 24

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    • The last one was about me calling her and texting her during the day. I didn't. I said I meant to. I was thinking about her al day. But never got a chance. Due to working on high power lines and busy making other calls paying bill on the way home. She Made this big deal out of it. Mind you I brought this issue to her two weeks ago because she is home and I don't hear from her. Except I didn't fuss like that. So she been texting and calling for less than 2 weeks. I agree I got to be better and not dwell in the past issues in order to move forward but the way she goes on and on and yell and hand moving over something so simple that I actually agree with is much for me. This is just the last one but it's always something different. She dont like this or she don't like that The business she was working for before got shut down

    • If you're at work that takes a priority. If your job doesn't give you the free time the make the call that's all there is to it. If you're still seeing each other at the end of the day that's not an unreasonable outcome, and she needs to understand that.
      If there is always SOMETHING to argue about I'd be thinking long and hard if the relationship is worth it. They take maintenance in thought and effort work work - but it shouldn't be a full time job

  • i would of kick her to the curb

    • Yeah? I'm seriously thinking about it

    • like you told her not to go. and she still left. then wants you to constantly chase her? and thjs happens all the time? oh heck no.

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