Should I tell her he cheated?

So I'm not sure if I should let his girl know or not. I don't know her but I know her boyfriend all to well.As a matter of fact he cheated on her with me. Me and him have history with each other and so last weekend he came to my house and well cheated. My history with him runs about 2+ years and I don't know if I still care for him honestly. But here he was before his girlfriend and him made it official giving me the whole I'm loyal crap.LIES I brought that up to him right before we started but he insisted it didn't matter because he was breaking up with's been a week no breakup should I tell her even though I don't know her or just let him figure things out? Or should I wait for him to hit me up again to cheat to then go to her?


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  • your a mean person. shame. shame

    • NO WAY! the thing is I still love him and he knows that so he uses it to his advantage the thing is I feel like I should warn her or give her a heads up he's a player once a player always a player.

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    • It's funny to you guys but no as a female who's scared YEAH I felt obligated to be with him...i didn't sleep with him but cheating is cheating.& I wonder how you would take the situation if you were in my shoes. Sorry but a 6'2" basketball player that has physically hurt me before and was grabbing me yeaahh I feel victimize...i guess you wouldn't know about controlling girls much since your on here. :)

    • Like playing with their phychi, that's just wrong.

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  • Its great to have sex with the ex, friends with benefits or whatever sting them along and get to have sex with other girls. He might get back together with you until he finds someone else he wants to have sex with etc...


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  • i'm assuming you've realized that creeping around with someone else's guy is pretty scummy! but listen, you telling her he cheated/ is cheating isn't gonna make her hate you less if you're trying to clear your conscience. it might hurt her to tell her but it's up to you to decide that. I personally wouldn't if I were in ur shoes but then again if I were her I'd want to know. let her know anonymously if you really want her to know. I'd probably do that.

    • Yeah I was thinking of doing that...I don't know the poor girl. Everyone is pretty much getting at me for doing something with him but seriously he's a man and I'm probably not the only one since I just got back to town.I just I feel like she should know that he's a waste of time.

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