Am I too straight?

after 2 years I've been in a relationship with my ex, he tell me that he just stay beside me because I knew how to make him calm during his hard time. yeah, he is friend zoned me after 2 years in a relationship. what should I do? 😂😂 it's too funny...


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  • Yeah, if you enjoy entertaining him then keep it going, but I think you should move on. Think about it you can help keep another guy calm that want to be with you forever. It makes no sense to hold him down when no one got you.

  • Typing "super-laughing" emoticons when one has a fit of hysteria and is not laughing at all is a silly woman's habit.

    At least, that boy or man is sincere: not a very common virtue.

    • well.. it's better than 8years.. take it positive 😌

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    • about that emoji... yes, I don't know if I should crying or laughing. why must he tell me about it when my test around the corner?

    • because he's bored with you and wants a break-up.

      Most people say this in indirect, hypocritical ways, and wait that the "victim" gets their point.
      He was "too straight".
      I think his ways are better: hurts more, but you waste less time.

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  • I don't understand the question

    • I've been in a relationship with a guy almost 2 years. he's university student now. today, he tell me that he just stay beside me because I can make him feel better and reduce his stress. just it.

    • he tell me about it after 2 years

    • how on god's green earn does this make anyone too straight?

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