Is This A Bitch Move?

I was with my ex for a year and a half, and left some stuff out at his house: a drawing table, an office chair, and my drawing lamp. They are all out in a garage at his house.

I need to go get my stuff... is it a bitch move to take my current guy with me to help move my stuff, and act as a buffer?


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  • it depends how the relationship end it

    • The ending wasn't my favorite... I ended things because he was extremely emotionally dependent on me, and told him that I would escort him to counseling if he needed it. But he was really upset about the whole thing... After he started going to counseling, I started weening him off of me (because he had talked about suicide).

      Now he wants me to go out there and meet his new dog, and I really want my stuff back... so I figured I could meet his dog when I go get my stuff. But he kinda hates the guy I'm with (for prejudice reasons, not justified ones). He judged him back when we weren't dating...

      I wanted him as a buffer because I want to be there as short as possible. I know it will sting, but I'm really tired of this...

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    • Lol we don't live in an area like that... I can take a friend with me, or tell him I am in a hurry

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  • I think it depends. If
    he still has feelings for you, I'd bring a brother or some one, but I don't know. Did you ask him if you could have it back? and how did he respond?

    • He said I can come get my stuff. We're not fighting... I just don't always feel comfortable being alone with him because he tends to talk a ridiculous amount, and tends to dump his problems still :/

    • He's always talked a lot... but now he isn't my responsibility I really don't want to be trapped there... I've been trying to ween him off of me for a while. We broke up because he was very emotionally dependent...

    • Okay. I'd bring someone, but a new guy might pissed him off. I'd just be careful

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  • It isn't a bitch move in my opinion. You simply need your things and needed help. In my opinion it is a good idea, just in case your ex tries to start something with you.


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