Songs to help get over your ex boyfriend?

I broke up with him and felt really bad. I was going through this emo stage. But I'm done being emo, I need to stand back up. Anyone got some good songs that will help me not think of him and get over the fact we're over? Thanks!


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  • Okay, first of all... You went emo because you broke up with your boyfriend? Wtf.

    What kind of crap is that? People don't go emo, or cut themselves because of some stupid boyfriend. Seriously. From that statement alone, I see why he broke up with you. You sound like a giant drama queen.

    And I have no idea how you plan to use songs to get over your ex. Maybe put them on cds and chuck them at him? Or maybe something to listen to as you dye your hair blonde and get out of this "emo stage."

    If you have problems functioning after a high school relationship failing, you have some thinking to do.

    HS relationships DO NOT LAST. Yes, I know there are some that do, but you aren't one. Those people were lucky. Like, win the lottery lucky. If your relationship fails in high school, you shouldn't be surprised. Those relationships, after all, are for practice. To learn what relationships are like.

    And a tip about this "getting over him" stuff, try doing something besides obsessing over him.

    • K I think you got something wrong what I meant by emo was just being sad, not cutting/suicidal...i was feeling really guilty is all. and this was not a high school relationship I don't know where you got that from

    • General attitude and speech patterns. That and 90% of the girls asking things like this are younger.

      If you feel guilty because you cheated on him, that's your own damn fault. If you feel guilty because you think you ruined it, and actually didn't do anything.... Need I say more? Probably do. If you didn't cause it to fail, don't be sad. Learn and find the next fish. ;)

      And yes, I thought you were cutting yourself, and changed your style to that emo crap. Sorry.

What Girls Said 1

  • what's your story? If he did something bad that caused you to break up with him maybe you can try Apologize by one republic


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