I don't understand my ex boyfriend's strange behavior?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me in Jan. We had a big argument about him being immature and he just admitted to me that I would be better off with someone else because he's a terrible reckless person and he doesn't want to hurt me with his behavior. He told me that he cares about me and believes that we will work out but not in the meantime because we have such different lifestyles, he said that he still wants to hangout with me and see me.

Anyways we work together but in different areas so I only see him when I come in and we say hi, things are friendly between us however since the break up, I've been the one to ask him to hangout, I've asked twice already and last time I asked was two weeks ago. He said yes both times and it was a good hangout, we cuddled and kissed but nothing more. I stopped asking to hangout because I felt that he needs to make some effort too. He hasn't!

Fast forward to two days ago, and a co-worker of mine (whom he knows is a good friend of mine as well) told me that he's been asking how I've been what I've been up to. Then on Friday, he went up to her and told her that he misses me, she asked him if he's telling her this because he wants her to tell me and he said yes, so she told him that he should do it himself, apparently he just made a face and changed the subject... I don't understand why he doesn't want to approach me? Is he afraid that I'll reject him or is this him being immature or is he playing a game? He has told me before that he has trouble showing emotions, could that be it?
I don't understand... He's never been manipulative and always wanted to make me happy, he even told me when we hungout (after the break up) that he doesn't want me to stop hanging out with him. Any insight on this?


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  • I don't think this kid has any issues or problems. I feel like he is nervous and scared to hurt you again. he isn't immature if he thinks about how you feel and how you going. He isn't 100% sure about what is happening right now. Some guys like to ask the girls friends about how they are going and stuff. he isn't putting any effort in your eyes. but he is making the effort to come hangout with you though. He is just confused.

    also what are the things he does that makes him immature

  • he sounds conflicted.. he wants to but he's holding back... just go and talk to him one of you has to be brave and strong. you might see him in a different more mature nature and oh.. you guys are emotionally attached still n clearly have strong feelings still..


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