Girls how do you go about this?

So a girl at work I know for a fact she has a HUGE crush on me!! but I know she has a boyfriend and I know they have been dating for awhile, I as well as a few other people all agree that we think I've given her mixed feelings, I think she cares for her boyfriend and he probably is madly in love with her, but I again very strongly believe I've given her mixed feelings, I mean for crying out loud she's spending her 21st birthday getting tattoos with me! instead of being with her boyfriend she's spending it with me, also spending the day after her birthday with me getting tattoos, so 2 days of tattoos together, but I'm kinda curious on how she's going about this, I know her boyfriend doesn't know anything because she flat out told me, her boyfriend would ask how she got candy or something and her response is I've got friends and that's all you need to know. so girls have you ever been in the same situation? how did you handle it? and what happened after it?


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  • How would you know she has a huge crush on you? She probably just like you as a friend

  • You move on

    • is it really that easy for most girls though? especially if you still have feelings for your boyfriend?

    • I meant you, if she is taken, move on

    • Oh, wasn't sure which way you directed that

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