I broke up with my girlfriend of 8 months but I want her back!

hey I broke up with my girlfriend of 8 months at the end of April, I broke up with her cause she was very jealous would snap on me over small things like someone msging me on Facebook or really for no reason all the time, she would always tell me she loves me and wanted kids soon and wanted a family in the next few year she is 29 with a 5 year old, but she was putting times on everything and I kept saying she had to slow down a bit and it will happen and that we should get along first, but we got in a dumb fight online and I ended it, I didn't talk to her for 8 days then I finally called her cause I missed her so much, she told me she met up with sum old friend and she kissed him thinking I was gone and I left her, all rebound I'm not really angry about that nothing I can do, I told her that I love her and want her back, she stopped seeing that guy she promised me, but she said she wants space right now and is all confused its been 3 weeks since we started talking again, she is all hesitant and says she doesn't feel the same way now I told her that we shouldn't talk then she told me she wants to be friends now eventually I said I can't do that and watch you date someone else if you did, I told her I would have to leave, she said she said I should stay and told me we never know what may happen in the future together and we should be friends, she emailed me last week saying to me that I was probably interested in someone and that she knows I'm interested in someone, but I'm not at all she always thinks these things, I told her last night I can't be friends its all or nothing through email and said I can't talk anymore, what's going on in her head women>>>>>>>? tell me


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  • Are you sure you want to make back with her? or could it just be that you miss her and feel lonely? It will take a lot of work to bring the relationship back to where it was, she's already a jealous person and then you broke up with her, that will be double jeopardy and it seems she already is thinking negatively where you are concerned. I am thinking (you don't have to go with what I say) but, you need to move on, you broke up for a reason and nothing has changed, if you are willing to put up with this for the rest of your life then go right ahead.

  • To me it sounds like she was either so hurt about the break up that she's hesitant you'd be willing to walk away again, or she wants to persue someone that's ready to settle down and have children. I would definitely step back and think about the entire situation. If you are still not ready for what she wants in life it's going to end up being a fight again.

    It all depends on what's most important to both of you. I agree with the all or nothing though, when you REALLY care about somebody and you are friends with them thinking there is a chance of getting them back it's as if you're being strung along as a back up. If not it still feels that way.

    I say give her some space, in the mean time try and go out and live life as normal without her. If she cares for you like you care for her she will give it another shot. If not you will have already been working on moving on.

    • Ye she said that once in a email that if we fight I will walk away again, being bombarded by jealousy is new to me I've never had a women love me this much

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