I still like him, how can I get him back or get over him?

Okay so there was this guy I met on snapchat and that is where we started talking then we moved on to whatsapp. we were all flirty flirty lovey lovey and we sex chatted and he asked me for nudes so we exchange nudes but he wanted like up close vaginal pics but I had sent him like a mirror nude and he wanted more explicit pics but I didn't feel comfortable sending so I told him how i felt and he blocked me, after that I sent him a message on snapchat and told him that he was wrong and he unfriended on snapchat then the other day recently he had added me back again so I sent him a message on Facebook telling him that I miss him and that we should get back together and he hasn't answered but I saw that he was already online and didn't answer, so my question is how should I get him back or should I just forget all about him and is this just a phase am going through. plus I also got this app on Facebook which shows who has viewed your profile and there is a category like admires and stalkers he was on admires that means he's on my profile sometimes, guys please help me what should I do I honestly just want to move on or get him back. it's been quite awhile since we broke up and I still think about him and all , you know how you feel when you really like someone. HELP GUYS AND GIRLS PLEASE.


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  • Best way to get past someone is to find someone to take their place, or wait... For years.


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