Life's confusing?

why when a girl tells you that you don't put enough effort in talking but then when I put time to the side to talk she says I am putting too much effort and its annoying. any thoughts on this


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  • it's not gonna work, just leave her alone cause if not she's gonna end things first or this is gonna continue for awhile and it's just gonna get even worser


What Guys Said 2

  • I think that girl will try to change your character from best to worst.
    take a look at your thinking in this moment. you’re living in a story that isn’t right for you.
    it's like... you're waiting for her to give you a permission that tells you it's OK to be yourself.
    take the step and start breaking up with her... at least when you start thinking about what happened or about the breaking up... you'll know you did the right move.

    Good luck...

  • Leave her alone, let he know that she should be more open and willing to engage and not expect you to engage every time.
    Or just leave her.


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