I'm having a hard time relaxing with this guy?

Me and my ex reunited. Basically we decided we fight too much and there are too many factors fighting us being together again so we decided to just enjoy a few more fun weeks together before saying goodbye and just being friends/moving on so we both have non-resentful closure.

Problem is he has sort of acted like he's stopped caring. Avoids plans, doesn't ask to hang out, totally distant which is weird for him. Two weeks ago he was saying I'm the love of his life/soulmate, etc. We have fought very much so I know why he's distant, he tells me its cause he knows we will fight if we hang out and he just doesn't want any more arguing. (I DO have a reason for arguing with him, he has lots of problems and we have a complicated past, but I should have been less argumentative cause now he's shut off)

He's also been partying a lot lately, which makes me freak out because he was an addict in the past. He's chewing, blacked out with friends the other night, and smoking again when in the past he's cried to me because he's an alcoholic/addict. I've told him I can't be around him if he keeps choosing partying over seeing me but he will keep doing weird stuff like go home eagerly at 2am so he can go chew tobacco with friends.

I don't know what to think? When I express that I care he ONLY registers it as nagging. I just want to enjoy time with him but he seems basically careless, doens't really respect me anymore, and says he is 'never willing to argue never again' and makes me feel like he wants nothing to do with me. But then I get confused, because he will tell me he loves me so much and wants to just not fight.. What can I do?


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  • I think he would happily settle down with you if you would just stop nagging. your relationship seems to be based on you nagging and him doing things that make you nag. I think he would prefer to spend time with you rather than party but is used to partying and giving you a reason to nag so everyone has a clear roll. it doesn't sounds like he is looking forward to breaking up at all and keeps the other lifestyle open so he has something to revert back too when this one ends


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