Should I wait or leave?

I've been dating a guy who is currently separated from his wife. We've been dating for over four months. He told me that he was ready to move on from her, so after some time we eventually ended up having sex. Since that time, communication with him has decreased and it seems sex is all he is interested in. I mentioned this to him and he apologised and said that I was wrong as he was just really attracted to me. However after that the conversation went downhill again. I have to initiate conversation every time and I don't see him as often any more. I told him that I want to call the relationship off and he apologised again for his behaviour, but said that he understands where I'm coming from and my reasons. I really like him and don't know what to do. Unfortunately I know that if I let him go, he will probably not be bothered or maybe he will. I've gone two weeks without speaking to him and heard nothing from him. We share all of the same morals and values. I'm 34 so it's not easy to meet men my age, let alone someone that I am attracted to and has qualities that I look for. Your advice would be appreciated. Do you think he is still pining after his ex or am I just a rebound? When I'm with him I feel like he cares. Maybe it's the forehead kisses and random hugs that have me lol. What is the best way for me to approach this? I'm not even the person that is married to him yet find myself crying about the situation. Private opinions welcome


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  • I think you should leave. He's putting in zero effort where it's needed and you can do better than that.


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