My boyfriend and I fought a lot in the past and my fault, I guess, is I always threaten him to break up though I never stopped communicating with him. He went to a bar and danced with an older woman and exchanged erotic messages with her. It hurt like hell and he claimed that we were on a break when he did that. Does that make it right for him to do that? We were still talking and in the middle of a fight. And then I found out that he casually go to bars but claimed that the dancing happened when we were broken up. Everyday he tells me we were not broken up but he was the one who treated us as broken up. I gave him another chance but he is still working in the company as the girl and recently he told
me that someone asked him to eat her. He said he told her no but I can't believe him. i thought he was a nice guy.


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  • Look.
    He cheated and he is an asshole.

    Be frank and direct don't bullshit around when he even talk to her not in a friend way that is already cheating.

    Simply put relationships must be on understanding once u say to they other partner it's over then ifs over otherwise u are not fucking single. Lsn u asshole playboys


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  • Yes is it considered cheating.
    After an argument is natural if you guys decide to spend the next hours apart from each other.
    During that time a person that is in love thinks about the loved one and misses the loved one.
    The way your boyfriend acted is suspicious because I know that certain people handle things differently, if he wanted to go drink at the bar that should be it. Now getting erotic massages and stuff like that because "he thought you guys were over?" that's the most dumb excuse ever When you love someone you don't feel the need to go get erotic massages right after an argument because you upset. You feel the need to think about what your going to say to the person you love so things can be fine again...
    Every time you guys argue and stuff and he goes out and acts like a hoe it's no good. You are supposed to be the only person he wants to be with. There is no excuses, if he can move on that quick than he doesn't really care about you.
    If you had done the same after the argument (met some other guys and made out with one of them) you think your boyfriend would forgive you? I think you should think about it and decide if you want to trust him further or if it's best to break up for good.
    If you are asking about this is because you are not sure if you should trust him and if forgiving him was the right thing to do...

    • exactly my point like you are inside my head. but he kept on telling me how i made him like that... so for the past week, i played the girl he once knew.. i brought back the real me when we were not fighting and dealt with his drama... but whenever he goes to work, i can't stop hurting... i dont know if its because im guilty or because i simply love him...

    • He should not be saying that you are responsible for his behavior. You didn't tell him to go get erotic massages after the argument... He can't admit he fucked up? And there is no othery way to justify his actions.

    • He admitted that he was wrong and kept on saying sorry but he would always include the words "it was my fault, I thought we were really on a break but I am so sorry, it won't happen again blah blah..." I mean when you break up... when will be the right time to go to a bar, dance with someone and exchange erotic messages?

  • If you were on a break then you have no right to be upset

    • the erotic messages and dancing happened in January when he thought we were broken up. we never stopped texting then... but he went to the bar too last December and in other days i might not know. i want to stop all this but if i am really the one who caused him to stray then i feel guilty. did i make a good guy bad? coz i always overreact to things... blank space is like a song for me. with all that happened, and me not trusting him.. we still cry when we are not together... i am so confused and lost.

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