I broke up with my ex boyfriend a month ago?

We haven't spoken since then. He hasn't tried to reach out and neither have I.. Around the 3rd week mark, I started to miss him a lot.
I know it's for the better that we are separated because we are just not compatible enough. We don't have the same goals in life that make a relationship work.
But I just miss him so so much. Should I call him just to see what he's up to?
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  • I don't know,2 years ago I also had to quit a girl I was very involved into. I met her on vacation since a common friend who studied far from our hometown, introduced me that colleague of him. We had many things in common, but we lived too far from each other. I was about to go to visit her, but few months before, she met another guy way closer to her town who courted her, and they got engaged. The fact is that they didn't have as many things in common as we had, so even if that dude was a nice guy... she kept messaging me if she felt sad , if her guy didn't pay her as much attention as I had done. I understood that most times I fixed her anger but then it was him who enjoyed the results. After a few months I realized that, I told her I would have never be in touch with her, since she mad her choice, and since that day if she had a problem, she must have asked her boyfriend, not me. If she would text me now, I don't know if I would reply to her. I am engaged too now, and already 2 years have gone by, but a part of me is still a little hurt because I was really into her, and she walked away as soon as she was able too. I know she did the right thing in some way, since I couldn't have been as close as she might have needed, but that fact she tried to "dance at two weddings", no, that wasn't fair.


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  • No because if you contact him, he will think you still have feelings and that would give him the upper hand. Don't do this to yourself. Try and move on. Focus on yourself. He is an ex for a reason. I know its hard. I've been through this and its shit, but I told myself that we aren't compatible and since feelings were still there, I don't want to hurt myself. It helped me move forward.


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  • no don't! it will just make you miss him more.

  • no, it will just stir up emotions


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