How do you combat loneliness after a break up?

I go to the gym 4 hours a day. I work. I study. I hang out with friends. Most of my day is preoccupied with distractions, But at the end of the day, I'm still alone and it sucks. I don't want to serial date. What do I do?


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  • it will take time before you heal of your last break up, no matter what you do
    but the things you're carrying out right now are just so right, you really know how to fight depression and loneliness, like a boss 😎


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  • I think you don't accept yourself in where you stand.

  • I'm on the same page, I realised time is the only answer..

  • I wouldn't turn serial-dating down that easily if i were you, it could really solve your problem (unless you have an important reason you want to avoid serial dating)

    • I get attached too easily, especially at a vulnerable state. It wouldn't be right for me and it wouldn't be fair for the poor guy who's being rebounded.

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    • Especially when I'm vulnerable

    • I don't want that and I'm pretty sure he doesn't either, feel me?

  • Work overtime, workout, spend time with friends and family. I did the odd date here and there.

    • Yeah as I put in the description, I do all of the above but what if that's still not enough?

    • Find a hobby of some sort, whatever your interest are.

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