Why are guys indesisive about their feelings even after a long time knowing the person?

I started dating my ex when I was 15 (i am now 25) since the beginning of our relationship he would always say things like "I feel weird" "im not sure of what I feel" he always had me in a emotional roller coaster. He has broke up whith me 6 times in this 10 years. Last time i decided to move on and be happy with myself. And I did. In this 10 years I have NEVER had any type of relationship whatsoever with anyone even when we broke up because i was never ready to open to someone that wasn't him. (Maybe because im stupid) Well the last time he broke up with me 3 years passed and he re appeared saying how sorry he was for doing all those things to me. He looked like he changed so much, but for good. And yes, i gave him another chance. We lasted 2 years and everything was perfect. He seem happy. 3 days after our 2 yr Anniversary he seem pretty mad at me for no aparent reason, he told me that he was tired of me, that he wasn't sure of his feelings for me. That he felt so insecure, he told me that he discoverd that we were so different (after 10 years knowing me wow) And that if he never gave me an engagement ring was because he didn't wanted to, that he realized that he was making me lose my time in this relationship. I told him that maybe we could go to therapy and he refused to, he just didn't wanted to go on. I never saw any of this comming, I swear. He just broke me again like you guys have no idea. I feel like i have been betrayed and lied to. And I just want to know why can someone hurt so badly the person that loves him the most.


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  • He isn't indecisive. It's a way of striking you along for years which he has. Why have you put up with it? Do you love misery? He doesn't want you unless it's to fuck


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  • you were the indecisive one. if you say yes and no clearly other people dont have a chance to be confused.

    • What do you mean?

    • if you knew what you wanted, then you have a responsibility to act accordingly. to stay with a person who can not decide when you know what you want means you are failing to make a decision. once you decide what you want and sate it clearly they have no room to be indecisive. in your case you wanted a relationship with someone who is IN it. they are in or they are out. can not be in AND out. thats it.

      once you decide and stick to it they have no power over you. you let him control your relationship instead of just making a decision.

      let your yes be yes and your no be no, and no one can take advantage of you.

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  • You have a biological clock he doesn't.


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  • Obviously you're guy is confused. You're letting him walk in and out of your life when he wants and he's hurting you. I know you feel that he's all you know on many levels but you have to decide to put your foot down. You need consistency!


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