Dated a guy for 8 months, in the beginning I advised him I just wanted to be friends (for fear of heartbreak),

He basically swooped me off my feet. He took me on trips, bought me rings, watches, clothes, told me he loved me every day and he never thought he could feel like this again after being with the same woman for 17 years from high school she cheated on him, they ended up getting divorced and she remarried and had a baby. it has been three years since the divorce and he has not had a real relationship since the divorce. anyhow after 8 months of chasing me and I finally let him know I care and am falling for him, he disappears and now only wants to be friends...what does this mean and will he ever try to contact me again? my thing is once I'm turned off its over, once you hurt me I won't accept calls, text, nothing...but I'm truly hurt I didn't know I had fallen in love with him


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  • That is seriously messed up. I think he might be scared of gettign hurt again and before when you said you just wanted to be friends he felt relaxed but the moment you said you cared everything changed. Suddenly no one was in control and people could get hurt. At the same time he may have just wanted you because you didn't want him and now that you do he doesn't want you anymore. I know it's childish, but sense when were men grownups, lol. Give him some time and if he doesn't come around then you will just have to let go and move on.


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