He said he liked he liked me a lot but wasn't ready for a relationship.

He said he liked he liked me a lot but wasn't ready for a relationship.... a week later he ended up with another

Why is that?

I.m an attractive woman and he has been a crush for 6years

he also said how he doesn't think he can be a good role model for my son an he doesn't wanna get "married" I don't understand I never asked for marriage I just wanted to be his girl did he just use me?


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  • I think you wanted to be used. After all, you were just looking for companionship and not a husband. He probably saw a good opportunity to do just that, MILF expression as it goes. You fell into that trap.

    • When we use to talk HE would bring up how he wanted to marry me at age 30 (he is 21)....I dnt like being used he wanted everything then one day he was like its too much right now an he just want to be single but like I said ended up with someone else...i wasn't like a stalker or nothing and he always showed me he liked me in many ways so that's why this doesn't make sense to me

    • He's still growing up then...he's not ready to settle down even though what he said or did might be contrary.

    • Thank you....he put hiself off to be so mature and ready for the real thing smh thanks again

  • Does this other girl have a kid, too? He might have chosen the other girl because she didn't have a kid. Maybe he was afraid of being a bad role model for your son.


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