The Urge To Push Him Away. What Should I Do?

So, my boyfriend lost his apartment and moved back in with his parents. He's living there until we both save up enough money to move in an apartment together. He's an hour away so i spend some weekends at his parents house with him. What's the problem? I don't think his mother likes me and it's getting to the point that i don't want to come around but that's the only way that i can see him due to our busy schedules. I'm afraid of getting hurt because i know that he lets his mother get into his head.
What if she convinces him that im not good enough? His exes were on his level, social, and pretty. Im most likely being compared to them. I feel this urge to push him away so he can find better. This is my first relationship and i don't want to get hurt. He deserves better than me.
What should i do?


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  • It's pretty common for the man's mother to bump heads with his woman. It's his job to stand up for you (so long as you're being reasonable). I'd talk to him, be honest, and tell him that you need him to stand up for you, or at least get his mom off your back. It's hard for a lot of people to see that their parents are just as fallible as everyone else. But if you really love him and feel that he loves you the same, don't push him away. Especially in the thinking that there's someone "better" out there for him.


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