My girlfriend of 3 years left me and came back 3 days later. I need a females point of view and a males as well, So I can process this?

As my title says after 3 years and a daughter together my girlfriend decided to pull the plug on us. I was heartbroken and I still am. She says the reason she did it was because "I didn't give her enough attention that she desperately needed". Now for the hard part. I currently live with her and her mom so I can support my daughter. So I can't really have argument with her because her mom hears everything. So my girlfriend is an Xbox fanatic, she can play for hours at a time. A. Time. Obviously there's alto of guys she plays with on there with never bothered me until now. The day after we broke up I overheard her flirting with a guy she claimed was her friend saying things like "Your so hot when you clutch these games", "I can't wait to play games with you right next to me baby" Granted we weren't together but still its 0 to 100 like wtf. I started crying and once she came to bed at 4:00 AM she was texting this dude. It wasn't enough to talk to him through Xbox but she also had to text this guy. So I asked her if that was her new fling and if she loved him. She said no and that he gives her the attention she needs and left it at that when clearly I could see love emojis left and right. I begged her to stop and bring our little family back together and that I would do anything for her to change and her response was always "I said no Sebastian shut up". So finally when I gave up I got my things and left. I drank myself to sleep that night. Next morning she calls me and wants to talk. She asks me if I'm willing to make it work and I stupidly agree to. Now were together and I have a permanent knot in my stomach. I want to make this work but she wants me to let her go with her friends whenever she wants and after what she did I can't. I even let her still talk to this dude after he knew we had a child together and decided to get in between us. Because I don't want to lose her for me being "Controlling" I'm torn and need help. Thank you all.


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  • you need to live for yourself and this girl doesn't sound like she's still in love with you. She knows she can get away with murder because your mum is in the house and she sounds controlling.

    You'll have a better relationship with your daughter when you're happy yourself, so staying with a girl who makes you feel like crap is not going to help you or your daughter.

    You could try talking it out, but talk is cheap.

    • Talking gets me no where. I need to live life with just me and my daughter. Thank you

What Guys Said 1

  • I'm really sorry about the situation. why don't you forgive her for texting that other guy because it really isn't a big deal and start spending time with her and showing her the affection she needs. I mean I know it doesn't give her the right to do what she did but I'm just saying that you two could play videogames together. or I'm sure if you planned something she'd be more than willing to do that instead of videogames.
    Just try your best to sort things out and do what makes you two both happy :)


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