Why can't I get over her?

So long story short, I really thought this girl was the one. I treated her amazing and when she was having self-imagine problems, I always told her was beautiful because she is. But she was unhappy in our relationship and she didn't have to the courage to end to it and stay unhappy. I tried work things out and make things work but she denied everything. So I ended it, I would say not even 5-6 days later she was in a new relationship. I was so heart broken and devastated but I didn't want to show it. Its been 4 months and I feel months and I still hurt. I feel no closure. Then she called me a narcissistic and I felt so hurt by that, because I never called her names. Because after all of the promises of the future of us and the memories of us, they haunt me. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to deal with this.


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  • I just wanted to say that if you feel you had no closure, think of all the effort you put in to make things work and be at peace that you did everything you could. Things went south no because you didn't give your best, but because someone else didn't appreciate it enough.

  • I'd say, from my experience, it takes well over a year to be over someone you truly loved. Just takes time and realizing what things were not right for her and yourself. If you think it was good with the wrong girl, imagine how great it will be with the right one.


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