Should I break up with my girlfriend she had sex with 26 girls I'd only had sex with two girls it really bugs me out like will she go and cheat on me?

My girlfriend said she had sex with 26 guys in her past she also mentioned to me she has had a few trains on her I really like her but I don't know if I can deal with that shit frl should I break up with her I only had sex with 2 girls so I'm not being mean it just really bugs me because I know 2 of the guys


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  • Its all about how you feel , some guys are completely fine with this and others would never be able to stay with someone knowing this information. Do you honestly think it's something you can get over? Will it be something that will cause you to resent her or feel resentment towards her?

  • Her past sexual history has nothing to do with your current relationship. Remember that. And no just because she has a fair amount of sexual partners in her past doesn't mean she will cheat on you. For me I don't ask my partner about his past but he's confessed to me that he used to be a fuckboy... so says all I need to know. Will I ever hold it over him? No because he's with me now and has been for the last 2.5 years. Does he ask me? No but he could and I'd tell him. Does he care? No. Because nothing that happened in the past (unless it's cheating multiple times when in relationships or something along those lines) will ever affect your relationship.


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