What if you get a feeling of regret, after breaking up a short-term relationship?

I met this guy 2 years ago on his sister's 18th b-day party, but I started talking with him (every single day, almost 24/7) in August summer 2016. We have a lot of mutual friends since his sister went to high school with my best friend. Anyways, we were friends first for about 4 months - hung out, talked every single day, got to know each other and felt comfortable with each other.. At the end of the year, he confessed he has feelings for me and since I had feelings for him too we hooked up and got into a relationship.. We've been in a relationship for two months, and for the last two weeks (week and a half actually) we kind of got distant, our communication kinda faded away and as time went by I started losing feelings for him.. Then, after a few days he said he feels bad and has a feeling of losing me and I told him I feel that too, but I don't want to end the relationship.. So, our communication got better but I still felt the same.. Then, I decided to end it because once before I told him that I'll let him know if nothing changes.. So we went out and talked and I told him how I feel, that it's not fair to torture him to be with someone who kinda lost love feelings for him and that I feel we should split apart, that's for the best.. He reacted completely normal, probably because he knew that was about to happen.. So we hugged each other and went to our homes.. That was 2 days ago.. I cried after that a lot and today I have a strong feeling of regret.. But I'm not sure if that's just because I miss our conversations or the relationship, I just know I have a feeling of regret and I don't know what to do now.. Do you have any suggestions, thoughts on this? I could really use some help.. Thanks in advance, and sorry for long text..


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  • I think feelings of regret are a result of wondering, 'what if'. What if you stayed together, would your feelings have come back? What if you guys would have been okay even though your feelings for him faded.

    I think there's probably also a certain amount of missing the conversation and the relationship, there's probably also a certain amount of missing him too.

    When you feel regret, you should remind yourself why you broke up with him. You need to remember why it didn't work out, many times following a relationship's end people look at it through rose tinted glasses and that is why they regret the breakup or want to get back together.


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  • its because you miss the talks, i know i still have feelings of regret from a girl i broke up with when i was 18 and i still think about her today and wonder how she is doing or if she has a family or something.

    it never really goes way no matter how old you get and the regret gives you that " what the hell did i do that for" feeling lol it plays back in my mind like a movie some times and i feel so much regret for it. and i kick myself for being such a stupid kid then.

    • If you had that feeling all this time, why didn't you contact her? If I continue to feel this way for the next few months I'll probably contact him..

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    • @1988fido who knows, if you're meant to be, destiny will reconnect you again later.. When will that be, no one knows but if you really screwed up and realized you made a mistake, wait for a while, maybe 6 months or a year and if you still feel the same way, try again.. Right now, you'll just be annoying.. Let everything settle.. Good luck (:

    • @1988fido i agree its why i never went after her , but i do regret it when i think about it. but thats all it is just a regret.

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