Me and my Ex-BFF (long story)?

Today my bff had a huge argument because it all started when we came back from PE practice and I mistakenly hit her somewhere I don't remember and I told her sorry but still I didn't know when or how I hit her she started cry and then I told her sorry and went to play with my other friends because if I kept talking to her she would shout at me to leave her alone so...
then later I sat on my seniors lap (a girl you pervs) and one of my friend pulled. me off her and I became angry and he started giggling because he thought I would laugh too because that's what I always do then I shaped and I told him "I don't think I've every punched you before right? " in a straight face then suddenly my bff came and said "Maryann I know you can't do it because as long as I am in this school you can not punch him" then I walked out of the class and I heard her shout "you are just talking but I know you cannot fight him" and I just gave up on our friendship and this was someone that I've gone to school with since kinder garden and now we are in high school and think this friendship was just a waste but I have another bff which makes us three but I don't know if I should quit this friendship because I think that she takes advantage of my kindness because I was kind to where when she used an iron ruler to hit my eye and I just laughed, I was kind to her when she slapped me and I laughed, I was kind to her when she lied as a joke to the principle that I fought with a teacher and I almost got suspended for a week but I still laughed about it... I just want to hear y'all opinion about this if I should leave or still stay in the friendship and continue with my other bff thank you


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