Why wasn't I good enough for him?

Hey guys. I've been heartbroken for (embarrassingly) over a year now ever since my ex dumped me. He made me so happy and was my first love and I thought we would last at least until high school ended, if not longer. And then out of no where he dumped me. He had been acting distant, ill say that, but still I was not expecting it. I was his first girlfriend also and he lost it to me and he also said how much he loved me. I don't know how those feelings faded months later but I guess they did b/c one night he came over and broke up with me. I could tell it hurt him too bc he was crying as much as I was, but obviously it was him dumping me so it didn't hurt him as much as it hurt me. He moved on to another girl a few months later and this girl is so much prettier than me and it kills me. People say she isn't but I think she is. Plus she has him over me so obviously she is, right? They have been on and off for a while now (the only difference b/w their relationship and ours was at least ours was consecutive and was never had breaks for the almost 9 months we dated). Now after a long break that I thought for sure was the end, they are back together again and it's killing me bc now I feel like, when he looks back on his high school love interests, he'll remember her over me. I just want to know why I wasn't good enough. People tell me I'm pretty and nice and funny but since him no guys have been interested in me at all, and I got dumped, and obviously I'm not pretty, funny, nice, etc. if I got dumped. I could really use some advice.


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  • Get off your pity pot. His tears were fake. He met someone else that he felt was more compatible. You might've been blissfully happy but he might not have been. He could've been lying to you about his feelings. I'm sure there was warning signs that you either didn't pick up on or ignored. Most relationships aren't successful. If they were we'd all be married to our first gf/bf

    • If they're more compatible why do they break up and get back together every other week? You can't fake tears like that unless you're a good actor, which I can tell you he's not

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    • He was perfect. He broke up with me bc I guess I wasn't good enough for him but I want to be, I can't see myself with anyone but him.

    • Sucks to be you. I'll believe he's perfect when I see him walk on water

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