Guys what does this emoji mean to you?

So been off and on seeing a guy for years! He's very guarded and doesn't let much slip in the way of feelings! The other day I got a text from him with this 😘 emoji and a nice message with it and now I get that and 😍do these mean anything to guys like they would girls or is he just checking out all the emoji's he can send lol


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why do you care? On/offs never work in the end. He's horny is all

    • I care because I don't want it to turn into a full blown relationship

    • It never will

    • That totally answers what guys use that emoji for thanks 👍🏾

What Girls Said 2

  • I tend to use the 😘 really sarcastically so I don't think you want my thoughts on that one XD

    Seriously though it's really telling that this guy has know you for YEARS and hasn't commited or opened up to you :/

    • I haven't asked him too it's complicated and I have never expressed any personal emotion toward him either.. he tells me a lot we just don't talk about us

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    • That's a bummer for you OP :/

    • It's not tho we get what we want I don't expect anyone to understand it... I just wondered if he was trying to get cute with me or it was a common dude emoji... everyone is all it will never last bahahaha been YEARS so whatevs just didn't want shit to all the sudden get all mushy

  • Yeah I agree with reptocarl I think he just wants to get laid

    • I care because I don't want it to turn into a full blown relationship

    • No not that part I understand why you care but the part about him just being horny and on/off don't work

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