Am I Wrong For This?

My best friend was dating this guy a while ago but when they were dating they were young and didn't even knew what love was. recently I was lowkey talking to him I didn't want to tell her because I didn't know how she would react and he said he felt their like their relationship wasn't thaf "deep" because they were young.. But check this out I started slacking up with talking to him because it didn't seem right... with me slacking up he started talking to this new girl, their dating and my best friend had issues with her (if my best friend got a problem with someone well so do I 💀) so my best friend enemy going with her ex Ik she's jealous and up set Just like me shit 😡 she think I'm up set because they made her upset
But nah in actuality I'm upset because because I let him slip from under my fingers TO HER (He don't know about the issues with her my best friend and I) I know this sound "childish" but this is really eating me up. She try to act like she don't care about him but ik she do because she always taking about his relationshipAm I Wrong For This ??


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  • ... she still cares about him and you tried to get with him?
    Honestly her "enemy" isn't the one who's being a bitch here. It's you. You're not going to like hearing this but it would hurt your best friend more if you dated him than her.

    Also obviously the guy is going to tell you he had no connection to her and make excuses for it. Clearly he was playing you if he hopped into a relationship with another girl that quickly.

    You should've talked to her if you even value her friendship before going after that guy

    • That's why I stop talking to him because I realized Wtf am I doing I was stupid for even giving him a time of day

    • Literally. Just make sure he doesn't like tell your best friends to spite you.

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