Why is his sister telling me his dirty laundry?

My ex and I have been over for a little over a year. His sister contacts me once in awhile just to catch up and see how things are going. But every time she contacts me, she is telling me some dirty laundry on her brother.

Dirty Laundry as in how he's messing up or how he's drinking too much or how he's not being a good dad to his kid and etc.

I will never be getting back with my ex since he did hurt me but it makes me wonder why vent to me? She has other people she can vent to and has as well. But why is she coming to me specifically? Than wants to hang out and have lunch? I am suspicious of her intentions for me.



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  • maybe because your the only other girl she knows that knows her brother? she relates to you more probably.


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  • Probably relates to you and since you know his situation she's not telling you anything you don't already know. She also probably knows you won't talk shit. Or maybe she hopes you'll fix him


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