Is he just playing games or does he miss me?

So I have some history with this guy, we've had a thing for about a month and then things started getting rocky and we started drifting apart. But recently he's been kind of reaching out to me, like texting me to check up on me, complimenting me on my Snapchat, liking my Instagram pics and tweets (which he's never done before). Today my friend posted a video of me playing the guitar on MY story and he saw it. About 20 minutes later he replied to it with "" so I replied to him with "😇". He opened it right away and didn't say anything. 15 minutes go by and I get another Snapchat notification on my phone from him saying he sent me a chat. I decided to open it later but when I went to go look at it I guess Snapchat glitched and it wouldn't load the message he sent me. So hours later I messaged him on Snapchat and said "hey what did you say earlier? I got the notification but Snapchat didn't let me see it". He opened it right away but didn't reply. A few days go by and I've been MIA on social media and he sends me a Snapchat with a picture of the town I live in and he captioned it "ex baes city". Which is just strange. Should I even reply? I do miss him but I don't understand his actions or if he feels the same way.


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  • he's playing


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