Advice about friendly breakup ?

Me and my girlfriend just broke up we had a great relationship she was really sweet kind and supportive and caed about me, I was realy sweet to her aswell. I don't have to say everything that was good about her but anway. She was raised very religiously. I kinda felt like she wasn't buying into it 100% anymore but in the end she said she wasn't ready for a intimate relationship. She said she thought she could change but aparently not. She also has some other issues to deal with so we kinda broke up but we still like each other a lot. We wished each other the best and she basically only said positive things I don't know. We decided not to talk anymore for a while. I'm not really experienced in relationships so any advice how to get over it the best? It sucks when I want to talk to her and I realise again that it's over :( And it also sucks because I still like her and we didn't break up because we didn't ike each other anymore but because of circumstances pretty much. So it's like a part of me is still hoping we can be together even though I know it's over. I don't know it's a shitty situation.


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  • It'll definitely take time. But why can't you be together? If it's simply the intimacy thing she'll be ready on her own time (especially if she's questioning her religion.)

    • Well I thought she just needed time at first but she kept avoiding it like crazy and in the end when I had enough she told me she didn't want an intimate relationship before marriage and she thought I'd be better off with someone else. She apologized for not telling me earlier. She said she didn't want to make me wait around because she has some other stuff she needs to work through as well. So that's why we broke up. I didn't mind at first because our relationship was so great and I was really happy. But my feelings made me really attracted to her and when she kept psuhing me away it started to suck. Maybe in the future she will change her mind but I think it will take some time and it's better if I focus on my future and move on.

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    • you have to follow me then or I can't ;)

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  • It just takes time. Go back to your hobbies and things you did before you invested time into her. Eventually it will get better. I only caution that I think after you get over her you remain not talking to her. As feeling tend to come back even in the slightest situations.


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