Is it actually possible to restart with someone and act like you never knew them?

My ex ask me if we could "restart". just act like the past never happened and we never met. I am torn because I don't think it will work, there is just so much history between us that I can't act like nothing ever happened. At the same time I want to give it a try because, well, you never know. I am curious what you guys and girls think, is this a waste of time or could this actually help?
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  • I think it's possible if you both erase the shit and focus on the good and be romantic and act like it's new and you're in the honeymoon phase


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  • Well I heard many people saying when u break up n they got another guy, she will want to remain "friends" with u. Well am also confused over that. But it seems that with some people it works.

  • Yes it is dont worry about it.


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