Should I call my ex boyfriend or not?

I broke up with him 6 months ago because I didn't love him anymore, and from what I heard, he was very mad at me after that...and we lost contact =/

However, I really miss him, and our conversations (he's a great person), and I would like to call to know how is he, etc...but I don't want to disrespect his new girlfriend (he started to date her 1 month ago)...

I want to make it clear that I only see him as a FRIEND (believe or not, its the truth

P.S: Anyway, I know that if I were her, I wouldn't like it, but I really want to call...

I forgot to mention that we were together during 4 years
Thanks everyone to answering


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  • If you were with him for four years, and 6 months ago you broke up, and after 5 months he found someone else, and has managed to already last a month with her, then it sounds like he's moved on. It also sounds like you don't really miss him, but you miss having a boyfriend. So I'd recommend looking for someone else, but don't just commit to the first guy you go out with unless you really like him.


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  • u are saying that you really miss him & he is mad about you, so it is better to call him once or even you can meet him directly & if you talk with him openly then you u'r self will find the solution

  • You can't be friends with and ex, you get tempted to have a friends with benefits arrangment, its not healthy you can't move on and get into new relationships. If you have broken up with him why are you keeping tabs on him, move on see other people you can't get oversomeone if you keep in contact with them.


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