My ex behaves funny?

My ex and I broke up two months ago and I expect that by now we would be cool cause the breakup wasn't bad at all. my ex boyfriend behaves unpredictable and funny. First he stares at me so much so much head to toe all round everywhere and wants to talk to me by all means but I try to avoid eye contact! i even had to say hi some days ago to ease any tension and he responded fine but the problem is he acts funny!! He questions every guy who he sees around me if they're dating me, he does all he can to prevent other guys from coming around me. Just this evening I called his friend asking for his our mutual friends number cause I was in dilema and this mutual friend of ours (a guy) could be the only one to help, but my ex picked the call and lied to me that he doesn't have the number. i just ended the call but then I got upset I don't understand what's going on anymore


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  • You can't be friends with an ex

    • But aren't they humans? We were friends before like why is it so difficult

    • I don't care what you were before. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. The absolute worst thing you can say in a breakup is "let's be friends" IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!
      Get over it

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