Is she playing with my head or does she really want this to work?

My girlfriend and I broke up a week ago. I'm going from her house back to my dads to visit our daughter. I don't stay with her, I always go back to my dads. Everytime I go over she tries to kiss me and hug me and when I ask what she's doing she says "What you don't want me to do it?" and I say not really and she says "Too bad I'm doing it anyway" and I just stand there and take it. Now keep in mind she left me because I was mean and abusive emotionally but she was too. She chose to leave and I pleaded with her not to for my daughters sake. But she did and not even a day after we ended it her phone blew up with messages at 2:00am since I was obviously still there I grabbed it to turn it off. But instead a thread of texts came up from a dude she said was her good friend. Things like "I miss you so much baby, I just want him to leave already" and he replied with "Ugh I know he has no balls and needs to leave" also things like "ILY😍" and "I can't wait to have you here in bed with me baby"... I got numb and had to leave. Needless to say I called into work and drank all day long with a buddy of mine. After 3 years and a little girl together she goes and does that and expects me to let her hug me and kiss me. I'm torn and feel bad telling her no but also can't look at her the same anymore. We also had sex last night when I came back drunk to get some clothes and had sex. I don't know why I went along with it. Is she screwing with my head or is this her way of saying sorry? I even asked her if she's doing it because she wants me back and she said she doesn't want me anymore but she does this. I guess what im asking is what may be going on inside her head? Thank you all! -Seb


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  • She's playing with your head and its obvious , she cheated on you and is now expecting sex even though you're not together. You dont get weekends or any custody of your daughter? You have to go to her place to visit ur daughter? Do not have sex with this woman, dont let her take advantage of you , she cheated and left you


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