Girls, How do women who initiated the breakup feel if they don't hear from their ex?

My girlfriend and I broke up last week. She initiated but we both talked about it and agreed we needed time apart. We still love each other and I need to figure out if no contact is the way to go


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  • Depends on how much she wanted the breakup. Sounds like you guys were just at a point where things needed to breathe but maybe still have a chance in the future. You can always just send her a message saying something like "just making sure you're ok and I'll be here if you need to talk." But if she contacts you then it's fine for you do so the same. Contact her as much as she contacts you. If she's not reaching out then I'd say no contact.

    • She reaches out to tell me about bills and things. She is moving out Saturday. She said she hadn't felt dated in awhile and I agreed that we have been spending too much time on the future than the present. We said we love each other, kissed, then I left. Should I wait to contact her after she gets her new place? She is living with a relative until then

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    • Yeah. You can still do nice things for her until then. I don't know if she has to move but maybe see if she will change her mind not likely. But you def have to step up in the romance dept. her thinking is probably this, you'll do what it takes to make her stay but then stop and you'll be in the same place as now. So you gotta really change her mind. She might be trying to get you to propose. It's kind of immature in her part but she feels something drastic will wake you up. Don't pursue her if you aren't serious about the relationship or feeling will be hurt in the end.

    • How can I go about changing her mind?

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