So I'm not with my girl anymore. I'm so lost. Just need your opinions and views. Help? What do I do?

I'm feeling sad cause I actually wanted to show her I can love her & I had so much planned. I'm talking to another girl but I know deep down I'd get back with my ex if she came back and we worked it out. I don't wanna feel like this though. Why can't I just forget about her? It's not like she treat me great, and tbh I'm not perfect. But she said she's happy being single. And it's been 2 month now we still talk, but I had to cut off communication because I text her to see if she's ok she leave me on read for hours sometimes days, I'm sick of the lack or respect she has for me. I'm always there for her n nice to her. She told me time n time again there's no one else she just wants to be on her own. N that she should of never got with me cause she's so busy. I'm lost.


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  • My first question is... was she your first? because if she was... that would explain this act of complete "pussery" (no, that is not a word) that you are showing.
    dude... leave the bitch... you said you are talking to another girl... focus on her... leave this one.
    Its hard to forget about a first... but you HAVE TO.

  • Get another girl or a bunch of cool friends...


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