Do you guys have a favorite hair/eye color combo?

I think of these things a lot 😂😂
Mine are black hair with blue eyes, and blond hair with brown eyes


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  • Hmm
    Loooks is like greatest art of all it's done by god after all.

    So there are many combos that are sexy. Or cure or beautiful.

    One of mine :

    Brown hair blue eyes like Carly Rae in this pic :

    Many factors come into play make the girl look pretty : skin color face shape round or not etc.. lips size , eye lashes , eye brows , ears , cheeks. So hair and eyes not everything. And we are just talking about face only.

    There is hands body etc...

    • Pfft there is no god. If there is then deformed babies with no eyes at all are done by god as well, lol.

    • Yes and they are done by god 2 .

      :) so ur point is all Picasso art looked good? He never threw any of them in garbage?

      God on other hand wise and does it for a reason if u are just trolling it's fine I understand but if u want to know the wisdom behind deformity and negatives in life research and u will find the truth.

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  • A green eyed red-head would be a fantasy but those are hyper rare. So a raven with blue eyes would be right after that, but that's again just a fantasy. After that, a raven with any colour.

  • Purple or blue and green. Blonde and blue/green is 2nd. That's the way I'd have a Realdoll made anyway if I was going to buy one anytime soon.

  • natural is best

  • black hair with green eyes.


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