Girls, Girlfriend dumped me, 4 days later she was round the guys she told me not worry about. What do I do?

I'd been dating my girlfriend for about a year and 3 months, two weeks ago she broke up with me saying that we were unhappy. I really loved this girl, but I admit the last few months we did argue more than often but we could have overcome this. One of the main arguments was about a guy she became too close to in her Drama, he'd message at 3am saying that she should have gone to the SU, they were best friends on snapchat and she always would talk about him when she went out. The Friday before she spent 24 hours with him for a charity event, during this time she was distant on text and when it was over I saw a message on her mobile saying "well done ❤." I brought it up and she said he does it to everyone, I said I was noted and that weekend she was very distant and by the Monday she'd dumped after not seeing each other all weekend. During the relationship I'd bring it up and she'd get annoyed at me, promising me that she loved me and not to worry; in the last few weeks she started sleeping next to her phone and being distant. 4 days later she had already gone round his house, and had blocked me on everything unprovoked. I just don't understand how she can move on so quickly and have no respect or care about what we had, I have to see her around Univeristy all the time with him (after two weeks) and it's killing me, what do I do?


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  • I know this might be hard to see right now, but you don't want to be with a person who treats you like that anyway. If she's just going to block you on everything and move on in 2 seconds then she doesn't deserve you. You're best bet is to try to move forward with your life. Maybe wait a little longer and reach out to her and tell her how you feel. If she doesn't reciprocate, then I think you should really move on. We can't force people to love us. It's just how life is. I think for now you should do things that occupy your time and energy. Focus on yourself. Do things that make you happy! Spend time with friends. And remember, "no woman no cry" ✌🏻 best of luck to you 🙂

    • Thanks a lot :) that's some good advice, how should I reach out to her and what should I say?

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    • The thing is I don't think she'll get back with me, she ignores me on Campus and I don't think she wants anything to with me. I just want to sit her down and tell her about how I feel, but I don't think she'll ever listen me.

    • If you believe that it will make you feel better and give you closure, I would at least try to talk to her. It wouldn't hurt. But like I said if she doesn't reciprocate I believe it's over and you should move forward

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