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Its been 2 months since my ex and I broke up the break up was rough and unexpected he had never treated me wrong then out of the blue he started treating me so awful my heart has been shattered in to a million pieces I have never loved anyone the way I love him he moved on immediately I have tried going out with my friends but he is all I think about all day long after this I don't feel like I will ever trust another man again I tried to talk to him about it but like I stated before he was mean he said he wanted nothing to do with me

thanks, everything is right in front of my face I know I have to get over it it was just all so unexpected I had asked him several times if this was what he wanted before or if there was someone else and the answer was always no but
as it appears the whole relationship was a lie which was what hurts the most I opened myself up to him and that was something I had never done with anyone


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  • It appears to me that he took you for granted, got what he wanted and well pretty much left you to dream on your own and all alone. But the guilt lies within him, because you did not hing wrong here ms. When the samething happens to him, he's going to look back and realize the great person that you were, and what he did to you. What goes around does comeback around, and if he has to learn the hard way, the so be it. Those in life who have done good to you, you never throw away, but since he did...well big mistake there, because only karma will get him in the end. I've been there before, and it sucks like hell, but you have to keep reminding yourelf, that you did nothing wrong, he was simply to blind to realize what he has just committed. But only time will tell ms, because only time can tell. Good luck with everything and remember your not alone, take care there, and believe in yourself no matter what.


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  • sounds like he cheated on you honestly, I've heard so many times from friends that they do the same thing to girls they were dating when they found someone else, just move on and don't be the desperate one and go try and talk to him all the time, thatll just make it worse

    • I'm just curious, I've rcently been throug a similar situation around 2 monsths or so ago and I can relate. But from what you said, I was cheated on, then dumped. I was wondering, does karma have them coming bak, from the friends uv heard from?

  • I don't mean to be rude or insensitive, but snap the f*** out of it! this guy doesn't deserve your tears, he's a f***ing douche bag coward that had to jazz himself up to break up with you because he didn't have the courage nor class to break up with you in a civilized way and give you the reason why he was breaking up with you in the 1st place. Some times it takes us men a few years to know the difference between our elbow and our @ss holes. In time he'll realize what he gave up, and hopefully in time your heart will heal. it's been 2 months, it's time to stop grieving over this boy, I'm not saying go jump back on the dating band wagon in fact maybe you should use this time to be with yourself for awhile, find out what makes you happy.

    how long were you guy together for any way?

    • Well I did'nt want to say it that harsh................but you know what your right, that's exactly what she should be doing. She's better than this, straight out

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