Can someone please explain to me why cannabis isn't legal yet?

It shouldn't have even been barred in the first place. Damn racists and greedy, wealthy white men.


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  • Because the public only sees people who abuse it, not people who use it responsibly. Everyone knows the dumb stoner kids who do nothing but smoke pot all day and drop out of school, but no one sees the straight A student who is going to an ivy league school who likes to blaze every once in a while. As one of the intelligent pot smokers, its a shame to see the kids who give it a bad rap ruin it for the rest of us.

    I hope you're not one of the dumb stoners but it seems like you may be from your "racists and greedy, wealthy white men" comment. The reasons that made cannabis illegal in the first place have nothing to do with why it is still illegal today.

    • Of course. The AMA was not even notified about the hearing to make Cannabis illegal in the early 20th century. It was based off of fear and greed. Hemp is one, if not, the most productive plant known to man. You can make virtually everything with it, even fuel and strong paper materials. This would've put a huge dent in the wallets of forest owners making paper and the petrochemical industries. I'm sure you already know that though. =) More and more intelligent users are known each day :D

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  • You just turned a legalize it question into something completely stupid. Congrats.

  • I'm sorry, I feel stupid, but what is that?

    • Weed

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    • You have your opinion, I have mine.

    • You have an opinion. I have logical reasoning and facts to back them up.

  • b/c it frees your mind and the man don't want you expanding like that


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  • This was a legitimate question until you got to "Damn racists and greedy wealthy white men". Then I just started laughing.

    • Well, do you know why Cannabis was made illegal in the first place? Greedy white petrochemical and paper industry holders that attributed Marijuana usage to the violence among Mexicans.

    • Strange, if it is the fault of "greedy white petrochemical and paper industry holders", you would think they would be more interested in having it legalized so they could profit off it. Maybe think about what you are saying before you say it?


      Maybe if you learned a little bit about capitalism and early Cannabis laws then you would understand. Timber was a big industry back then, it was about to be rivaled and surpassed by Hemp (Cannabis Sativa). The only way to avoid losing money was to eliminate Hemp from the picture. And that's what they did.

  • I'm a humble poor black man and I say it should stay illegal.

    • Keeping it illegal has done nothing but hold us back. Why make something illegal that's in high demand? It's alcohol prohibition in the 21st Century.

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